Caron Cake rainbow shawl

In progress…

I am loving it already



7 thoughts on “Caron Cake rainbow shawl

      1. They are normally $8 a skein but the online store had them for 50% off, so I stocked up. They are lovely, but since I’m doing a giant granny square type of blanket, they often change colors in the middle of a round. It’s still pretty but I think I’d go with something less expensive and do my color changes manually if I was doing this big of a project again.

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      2. There are cheaper brands that I’ve found. Wal-Mart has Bernina yarn, and Hobby Lobby has Yarn Bee. The Caron Cakes are only at one store that we don’t have here and I don’t know that I’d want to buy a yarn online without seeing it in person first. I’ll look for the mandala ones. Have you tried color pooling with variegated yarn yet? I’m thinking of trying. I watched a YouTube video on it and it looks so neat!


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